Hummus Finally!

So here’s the deal, I have always wanted to make my own hummus.  Yet, it intimidated me.  Tahini? Blending?  Why do that when it’s less than $3 to grab one at the store.  However, Ryan and I are on a health kick (hello post 1/2 marathon sloth life) and so I started googling Vegan recipes and stumbled across Dana at The Minimalist Baker.  I’m in love with the 10 ingredient philosophy!

While I am not going Vegan, because I love meat too much, I am going to for the next month eat vegan with lean protein and budget exceptions (vegan cheese haha bye-bye money).  Which should be interesting, but back to hummus!

While pursuing Minimalist Baker I came across her Microwave Hummus Recipe.  When I read it I thought it can’t be this easy.  There has to be a catch….but NO, it was that easy.


I picked up a can of chickpeas at Trader Joes, and had a head of garlic at home.  I was a little hesitant when I poured it all together because it just looked weird.  I went with 3 heads of garlic, but would go with 4 next time.  I was worried it would be too garlicky, which is silly because it never can be too garlicky!  I microwaved it for 4.5 minutes which was plenty of time.

The next step was combing the tahini, lemon juice, salt, and olive oil.  That’s it!  I used a hand blender in a bowl and it worked great…although I am having dreams of a Kitchen Aide mixer under my Christmas tree.  Especially if I keep this cooking thing up.

Blending it was super easy.  I was worried it would be too chunky, but it wasn’t.  Also I didn’t measure the olive oil that I added, but just did it based of consistency and it turned out well!


I also didn’t have paprika which it calls for, but used chili powder instead and it gave a good kick.   It also makes a ton!  I still had a full Tupperware of it after this plate.   It was delicious with pita chips and bell peppers.  With garlic hummus under my belt, I am looking forward to exploring other options of hummus.

The real test will be this weekend when I bring it to share at a outdoor concert we are going to!  Fingers crossed ya’all.




Author: Caleen

Still figuring that out.

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