Pancake Sunday

About a month ago I woke up early on a Sunday morning and decided to surprise Ryan with some pancakes, which led to a lovely routine we are in now called Pancake Sunday.  I started out with just traditional flapjacks, which lead to chocolate chip, and then when researching this vegan thing I found these on my favorite gal’s blog. Seriously this has become a Minimalist Baker’s fan page.  I just LOVE the 10 ingredient thing she does….but back to pancakes.

So to be honest I used all non-vegan products on these vegan pancakes, and it turned out fine.  Grocery shopping happens on Sundays over here so when I sat down to make these I went with what I had.  Also I am learning that vegan is a pretty expensive life choice, and one I am not sure I can commit to.

To start, the crumble (I believe she calls it a strudel, but my mid-western self will refer to it as a crumble)  is delicious and so easy to make!  I will be adding this to my blueberry muffins for sure.  I have always failed at the cutting in of butter and mixing part of recipes, but with the veggie spread I used instead of Earth Balance, it worked out well.  It melted as you stirred causing the clumps you need.


I baked mine a little longer than the 5-7 minutes, but that was due more to not waiting for the oven to preheat all the way before staring.  I can not say enough about what a game changer this crumble is! IMG_20160724_091812

Now onto the actual batter.  It was real straightforward and simple.  I used more than a 1/4 cup of blueberries because they were going bad, and I would definitely use more again.  I have no idea how she got hers to have the blueberry color filling.  I smashed a couple before putting it into the batter, but that definitely is not the trick.   Maybe that’s the difference between amateur baking and professional baking….   Another game changer (involving the crumble obviously) is adding it to the batter when it is on the skillet,  that way it cooks into the pancakes as well.


So let’s talk about the iron skillet.  Heart emojis forever.  I finally have a good balance of temperature control so that I don’t burn all the things, and I think it just gives a really good flavor to the pancakes.  I definitely do not use the skillet enough and in my attempt to make this more than a Minimalist Baker blog I will be looking into some more skillet ideas as well.

IMG_20160717_114309Okay so not only are these the best pancakes I’ve ever made, but this is the best food picture I have ever taken. WIN, WIN.  Another great thing about this recipe is the portion size.  I made 5 pancakes with this recipe and it was perfect for the two of us.  In the past there have been way too many pancakes and they never reheat well.  I was worried that 5 might not be enough but the flapjacks are so filling that anymore would have been too much.

Long story short, try these!


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