So it has been awhile!  Hard to believe the last time I posted was in July when my goal was to post often.  So here’s to hoping one good thing of 2017 is I’ll actually use this space.

The biggest thing that has happened since I last wrote is:


Kedzie Lou! Or Kedzie (kedz, turtle butt, kedzo, kedzabub etc.) as we call her.  I adopted Kedzie from a wonderful foster rescue organization called Almost Home Foundation.  She was 8 weeks old, and had been fostered with Samantha from AHF since she was 6 weeks old.  Prior to that she had been living in a shelter in Mississippi with her mom and 10 siblings.  Their mom came into the shelter pregnant, so they were born in a safe place and spent 6 whole weeks with their mama Chloe.

They are not sure what she is, but a strong lab mix with many other things.  We see so many different breeds at times that we just call her a lovable mutt. IMG_20160802_093930

I am lucky enough that I get to bring Kedzie to work with me everyday as I train her to be a therapy dog….”I” meaning reinforcing what we learn four times a week at Urban Pooch here in Chicago.  She is so sweet and has the best demeanor for being a therapy dog.  The kiddos here at school have really taken to her, and sometimes I think she does more than I can just being her wiggly butt self.

It is hard for us to imagine life before her (except when you wake up with a paw in your face after she lets herself out of her crate).  She loves everyone she meets (except for some old white men, but we are working on that….), and is truly a great dog, especially for a puppy.   I always wanted a dog but I never imagined just how perfect it would be.

Beyond that life has been going along as usual.  We’ve had weddings (one I even officiated at) a little traveling with trips to California and New Orleans next, and moved a couple times.  I’m also starting to train for a half-marathon because even though I said never again, I apparently have forgotten how terrible it all really is.  So I see you Rock N’ Sole.

My next big challenge is purging and packing up my room from my parents house….stay tuned, this is surely going to be a disaster.



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